What makes a great trainer


1. Clients to keep coming in and training!
2. Clients to exercise on their own (do homework)
3. Clients to set and reach goals!


1. Proper and safe techniques!
2. Well rounded aspects of fitness- cardio, strength, flexibility, balance, agility, nutrition!
3. How to incorporate fitness into their life long term!
4. About fitness and the´┐?myths and fast fixes´┐?

Identifies Needs vs. Wants

1. What does the client NEED?
2. What does the client WANT?
3. How can you do both?
4. Adapts daily workouts for clients needs (sickness, emotionally unavailable, etc.)

Gets results

1. By setting realistic short and long term goals!
2. By motivating clients to be accountable to you and stick by that plan!
3. By supporting clients through roadblocks!
4. By making clients responsible for their own fitness!


1. By acknowledging the clients family, career, commitments and achievements
2. By understanding that clients are real people trying to fit exercise into there hectic lives!
3. By celebrating the positive and pushing clients to recognize this as well!

These are the things that have made Horizons staff so successful. Our staff maintains these objectives and believes in the overall integrity of your training.

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