Become the person you want to be starting today!

Thousands of individuals start workout routines every year with the best of intentions to become fit, slimmer, athletic, healthier and stronger. Unfortunately, most people will never attain their desired goals. There are many reasons for this pattern: injuries, time constraints, lack of knowledge, and lack of commitment or motivation. There is a solution to all of these setbacks -- one-on-one personal training with Horizon Health and Fitness.

Why does Horizon Health and Fitness work?

Horizon Health and Fitness has dedicated and educated personal trainers. All of our trainers are college educated and nationally certified. At Horizon Health and Fitness we focus on what works. We build a great base of functional strength for our clients using multi-joint exercises with many forms of traditional and cutting edge techniques. Our workouts help build a great cardiovascular system and help increase balance and flexibility. Every individual is unique and needs a workout to fit their biomechanics, fitness level, limitations, needs, and personal goals. The trainers at Horizon Health and Fitness take all this into consideration and design workouts to accommodate each individual. Most individuals have trouble maintaining a fitness routine because workouts become monotonous and boring. This will never happen at Horizon Health and Fitness. We are constantly manipulating and evolving your workouts to keep you motivated and challenged. Our workouts are fun and you will actually look forward to coming back each week! Many individuals think that personal training is only for the rich and famous. At Horizon Health and Fitness this is not the case, Personal Training at Horizon Health and Fitness is affordable. We focus on the average person and design programs that fit into almost any budget. At Horizon Health and Fitness there are no membership fees or long-term commitments; you pay only for the sessions you use. Horizon Health and Fitness uses two trainers through-out your training. This allows you to get concepts, thoughts and training from two different people resulting in a better, well rounded outcome.

How does one-on-one personal training work?

At Horizon Health and Fitness you will begin by sitting down with a certified personal trainer for a free consultation. You will discuss your goals and together decide on a unique plan to reach those goals; one that will fit your lifestyle, interests, schedule and budget. You will be given two trainers and from there your journey begins. Your personal trainer's role is to decide the best plan of action to get you to where you want to be. They will offer technical advice throughout your workout as well as support and motivation every step of the way. They will constantly evaluate your progress, make adjustments, and keep your workouts fun and fresh. We will show you how to make lifestyle changes outside the studio that will help you improve your diet and cardiovascular health which will lead to a healthier and more active life. Personal training works! People reach their goals with personal trainers at Horizon Health and Fitness. We have a solid reputation in Madison and Middleton for having top-notch customer service and getting people the results that they are looking for -- from running their first 5k race to weight loss with a healthier, stronger, and more toned looking body. Call today for an appointment, and see the difference a Horizon Health and Fitness Personal Trainer can make!

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